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Important to know if you want to get your new book noticed!

Globe First the good news – the global publishing, media and entertainment industries in total are worth some $1,000 billion (source: IPA Year Book 2012-3).  But where do you think books came within this?

  • Well the music business was only worth US$50 billion of this.
  • Video games pipped this at US$63 billion
  • Magazines were bigger than music and video games combined at US$107 billion
  • Movies were bigger still at US$133 billion
  • But book publishing beat the lot of them at US$151 billion!

So you are in the right sector!

Library But it’s a crowded marketplace.

In August 2010 Google used its resources to come up with an estimate of the number of book titles that exist in the world – they came up with a stunning 129,864,880 – that’s 18 distinct titles for every single head of population in the world!

Globally over 2,000,000 new titles are released every year.  So every three years the count of title/head increments by one!

PieChart So where do you want to be launching and promoting your titles?

It’s not so much about a global market when you realise that the six largest book markets account for 60% of the global spending on books – USA 26%, China 12%, Germany 8%, Japan 7%, France 4% and the UK 3% (source: IPA Annual Report 2012-3).

UNESCO also showed that 65% of all new titles are released by just twelve nations – USA 15%, UK and China each 9%; Russia 6%; Germany, India, Japan and Spain each 4%; France and Iran 3%; South Korea and Turkey each 2%..

AllFiveTwoRows Then there’s the question of which format to use – eBook, physical book or both?

Amazon’s dominance of the e-book market is most significant in the UK where it accounts for 79% of the market. In the US it is just 67%, Germany 43% and France 40%.

Its self-publishing operation, CreateSpace, in the first quarter of 2014 sold enough books to effectively become the UK’s 30th-largest print publisher.

 NTtimesBestseller Then it’s all about numbers and numbers of reviews:

Last year 150 Kindle authors each sold more than 100,000 copies of their books.

Compare this with the fact that one can reach the New York Times bestseller lists by selling just 2,000 copies.

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