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Guernica – trial run for Blitzkrieg #history

Excerpt from 1492 and all that! The town of Guernica (Gernika in Basque and since the 1980s officially named Gernika-Luma) was small with a population of just 5,000 in 1937…. Read more »

Deadly water course #thriller

Excerpt from Still Water – Tom Carter series “Lev and two of his team had travelled to Kazakhstan in a very slow, extremely uncomfortable, small cargo charter from Moscow’s Domodedovo… Read more »

Taking the Spanish Road #history

Excerpts from 1492 and all that! By 1565 Philip II realised that he needed to find a supply route from Spain to the Spanish (or Habsburg) Netherlands. Heading into the… Read more »

Colonists and Conquistadores #history

The motivation for the Iberian peninsula’s growth of empires was summed up as ‘Gold, Glory and God’. Religious approval – God was certainly used as the major justification for the… Read more »

Giant Tortoise islands #thriller

The Galápagos Islands is a collection of volcanic islands that sit astride the equator in the eastern Pacific ocean off the shores of Ecuador – which owns it. There are… Read more »

Cave of the Patriarchs #thriller

Excerpt from Gene Genie The Cave of the Patriarchs: In its formative stages Hebron was a Canaanite city. Tom would therefore have been very interested in visiting the city, because… Read more »

Pillars of Hercules #history

The earliest appearance of the Iberian Peninsula in literature is in the Greek mythological tales of Heracles. The Greeks claimed that Gadir (today’s Cadiz) was founded by Heracles after his… Read more »

Gene Research and Ethics – #thriller

The field of genetics has routinely pressed hard against our ethical boundaries, prompting many questions. We probably all agree that if a family has a propensity for a particular genetic… Read more »

Benjamins #thriller

Facts about the $100 bill: In 1969 Richard Nixon withdrew from circulation the higher-value notes – $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 – to combat organised crime. This left the $100… Read more »

Go figure – #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers The use of numbers is said to distinguish mankind from other animals; but natural scientists do suggest that birds can actually discern numbers. Birds recognise… Read more »

Cape crusaders #history

Nelson arrived off Cádiz with HMS Victory to take command of a moveable feast of resources as the British ships broke away to be resupplied or reallocated. With new objectives… Read more »

Reaching No. 6 in the charts! #history

1492 and all that! has been selling well Today on Amazon USA it became: #6 in terms of Portuguese history #10 for Spanish History Of course it is also available… Read more »


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