iMac-to-go launched #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers

On this day in 1999 the Apple iBook was launched, targeted at consumers and education as ‘iMac to go’

The iBook was launched on 21st July 1999 as one of the four cells in a two-by-two block that Steve Jobs regularly presented as his corporate mission for Apple.  Jobs cells represented a desktop and laptop version for both the consumer and professional sectors


iBook was securely targeted at consumers and education. It was advertised as the ‘iMac to go’.  It was the first mainstream PC offering wireless.

The colourful iBooks came in blueberry, tangerine, graphite, indigo and key lime.  It was a great success, apparently somewhat disproportionately with Japanese female students.  It was regularly upgraded until 2006 when replaced by the MacBook.

Buying an Apple product had become truly a lifestyle statement.  Who wanted to buy a boring old commodity PC?

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