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A German Lorenz message was re-sent today in 1942 – enabling Bletchley to decode it! #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers The task of designing the first of these systems for the Germans had been given to the Lorenz Company that came up with the SZ… Read more »

Assault on the Congo River #thriller

Excerpt from Still Water The Congo River rises in the East African Rift, taking water in part from Lake Tanganyika. Then, after pooling the resources of a number of tributaries,… Read more »

Bangkok, the calm before the storm #thriller

Extract from the forthcoming Route of Evil – to be released 15th September Desai took the guards with him down to the riverside terrace to have a much-needed quiet lunch, he… Read more »

The creator of the original package tour holidays! #history #Spain

Extract from 1492 and all that! Vladimir Gavrilovich Raitz was born in Moscow, the child of a Jewish medical family. His mother took him to Germany to join her parents… Read more »

Creating Bollywood magic #thriller

Extract from the forthcoming Route of Evil – being released 15th September It felt very odd, to hear the noise of the troupe’s feet pounding on the floor, the audible gasps… Read more »

Linus Torvalds announced Linux this day in 1991

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers Linus Torvalds, a 21-year old second-year computer science student, wrote a new UNIX kernel using the available GNU tools and issued his software under the… Read more »

Nintendo’s Super Mario World launched on this day in 1991 #history #games

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers Games consoles are only as good as the games they can play. The top ten sellers of all time in the early days of game… Read more »

Bonobos bred to be humanzees #thriller

Extract from Gene Genie ‘Yes. After a bit of delving I was able to establish that one of Davenport’s more secret DoD undertakings is the development of a ‘humanzee’.’ Sir… Read more »

Route of Evil as a paperback #thriller

I am delighted to advise that a paperback version of Route of Evil is available now – several weeks before the eBook will be released. So if you can’t wait… Read more »

Sergey Brin, Google, born on this day in 1973

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers Sergey Brin was born in Russia but moved to the USA where he attended a Montessori school (as did Page). His father was a professor… Read more »

Route of Evil – available now!

Route of Evil is to be released on 15th September 2014 – but you can get it now! You can pre-order it from all twelve international Amazon/Kindle sites, here are… Read more »

Gordon C Bell born this day in 1906 #history #computing

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers Gordon Bell was recruited from MIT’s Speech Computation Laboratory to design the input/output for the PDP-1. In 1972 Bell described his ‘Law of Computer Classes’…. Read more »


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