Route of Evil – coming next month! #thriller

Route of Evil – is to be released on 15th September


Pursued by organ traders in Thailand, a Vietnamese girl is rescued by an American stranger who, seeing an opportunity to earn a home posting, embroils her in a plot to ensnare Mexican border people-traffickers.

The American marks a batch of $100 bills for his short-term sting, but Kim-Ly’s own agenda propels one note on a circumnavigation of the world. Along its journey the ‘Benjamin’ is handled by an unconnected series of characters each out for revenge – but no sweetness ensues.


Route of Evil follows the banknote, a silent witness to a catalogue of crime and deaths. It sparks a chain reaction that unravels a global crime network.

The bill encounters slavery in Arizona, Brazilian soccer match-fixing, Mexican cartels, African trading in gemstones and animal parts, Formula One technology tampering in Turkey…

The banknote’s route connects criminal gangs in Bollywood, rape in Bagan, assassination in Bangkok, before rushing to a thrilling climax in Mexico City and the Arizona border.


Watch this space!

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