Monaco, tunnel vision of death #thriller


Excerpt from the forthcoming ‘Route of Evil’ thriller – to be released 15th September

Now Jack van Buuren was back among the glitz and glamour, the constellation of celebs, the fans and the media feeding frenzies, that was the Monaco Grand Prix.

Sadly the only picture in his mind’s eye were the regularly repeated television images – Jay being pressed as he exited Portier and entered the tunnel. He got on the power nice and early and pulled away from his pursuer. Then a long pause as the camera view was changed to catch him as he emerged.

Jack had brooded on the fact that despite all the extremely hi-tech kit applied to televising F1, the film crew had completely missed the moment of Jay’s crash. It was only in the last year or so that the video technology had finally achieved the ability to capture the action at this feature. They had needed to overcome the darkening on entry and then the blooming on exit as the ambient conditions changed. Now they were fully technically able to capture the action of a car as it passed right through the tunnel phase. But for some reason not Jay?

He was fully aware that drivers reached their top speed for the track as they drove through it. The aerodynamics inside it cancelled out a significant percentage of a car’s vital downforce. Immediately after the tunnel was one of the track’s few overtaking places – the chicane.

It was challenging. Drivers needed to prepare for and make the most of this overtaking opportunity, with their car not at optimum performance and while emerging from the gloom into the light. So if there was any location on the track that deserved to be captured on camera, this had to be it.

Yet this time the cameras had been next to useless. They had displayed Jay stretching his lead into the tunnel. For some reason the director then switched the broadcast forward to the tunnel exit, waiting to catch him as he emerged a few seconds later.

Fans always wanted to see the next manouevre into the tight left-right-left chicane, the scene of many notable accidents in the past. But on that day Jay’s car emerged upside down, travelling backwards. It was a fireball.


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