Bonobos bred to be humanzees #thriller


Extract from Gene Genie

‘Yes. After a bit of delving I was able to establish that one of Davenport’s more secret DoD undertakings is the development of a ‘humanzee’.’

Sir Joseph wrinkled his brow, ‘Is that what the name suggests? Some sort of cross-breed between a human and a chimpanzee?’

‘Well, to be more precise, a cross between a human and a bonobo.’

Brain was confused. ‘What on earth would the DoD need with that?’

‘Just think about it. The chimpanzee has extraordinary strength pound-for-pound compared with us; its climbing skills are far superior too. Mix an amalgam of our skills with theirs and you create a new and more powerful sort of soldier. In this way our politicians would no longer need to send our own sons and daughters in to combat.

‘I got hold of a copy of the original prospectus that she presented in order to receive the initial funding. Davenport called it the opportunity for ‘strife without grief’.’




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