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Excerpt from The PC Pioneers

Games consoles are only as good as the games they can play. The top ten sellers of all time in the early days of game consoles are obviously weight-related and naturally the best-selling consoles will be the ones to ‘sell’ the most games.

Remember these were sales mostly achieved before the graphics and CGI that we take as the norm today and before games companies becoming Hollywood-esque in their promotional campaigns.

Tetris stands alone as the single most significant selling game – in its thirty year life it has sold 143 million copies across many platforms, including mobile phones.


The top ten contains four Wii games – Wii Sports at almost 83 million units, Mario Kart Wii at 36 million, Wii Sports Resort at 33 million, Wii Play at 28 million.

Nintendo NES also features with Super Mario Bros at 40 million units and on Nintendo DS the New Super Mario Bros sold 31 million copies.

PlayStation 2 has three entries in the top ten, – Minecraft at 54 million sales, Grand Theft Auto V at 33 million and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 at 29 million.


Not forgetting the winners by console type:

The Atari VCS or 2600 had both Pac-Man at 7 million units sold and Pitfall! at 4 million.

The Xbox winners are confused by the fact that its games usually are available cross-platform – it contributed sales to best sellers like Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Fault, Call of Duty: Black Ops – its solus Kinect Adventures! Sold 24 million copies.

The SNES brought us Super Mario World for 20 million unit sales and Donkey Kong Country at 8 million units.

The Sega MegaDrive winners were Sonic the Hedgehog with 4 million unit sales and Sonic the Hedgehog II recording 6 million.  Its Dreamcast sold 2.5 million Sonic Adventures.

Deserving of special mention is the Final Fantasy series of games.  On PlayStation its Version VII came second with 9.8 million sales and version VIII sold 8.1 million units.  The PlayStation2 version X sold 6.6 million and version XII sold 5.2 million.


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