The Brotherhood controls the still water… #thriller


Excerpt from Still Water

Anatoly Goncharenko, known simply to all those present as ‘the General’, looked around the carefully assembled group then switched off the video of the Arctic site that they had been watching.

‘Welcome to a new sort of weapon, and a true 21st century approach to conflict.’ The General beamed at his audience, pleased that Kabitsin’s sideshow had at least made sure they had assembled some of the biggest hitters from around the globe, all thanks to his Kazakhstan test of the material.

‘Water abounds on our Earth, it wouldn’t be the Earth we know without water. We humans consist of around two-thirds water. Up here in our brains it’s nearer 85% water, so it could not be more vital to us. It maintains our temperature, it helps us breathe and digest food and lubricates our moving parts.’ He paused and raised a glass. ‘We can live without shelter for as long as we care to, we can go for perhaps a month without food.’ He took a deep gulp of the water, ‘but we would last only three to five days without water.

‘Thank you for giving up your time to join me here.’ He looked out of the large picture windows to see the glacier spread before them. ‘Here we sit at the top of the world, on the outskirts of Lhasa which locally means “the place of the Gods”. Today I will show you how we can become the new gods, the bringers of life and death.



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