Tombstone and Boot Hill #thriller


Excerpt from Route of Evil

Kim-Ly needed somewhere to go. As a city dweller herself she was attracted to the notion of a metropolis. One of her friends back in Vietnam had constantly mentioned such a place. From her limited knowledge of the local geography she reckoned that Las Vegas could not be so very far away.

Danh had earned a living around the Saigon bars as an Elvis impersonator but he had always talked of Vegas as some sort of wonderland, full of spectacular shows and glittering casinos. But more importantly it was full of people. She was feeling exposed out here in the wilderness.

How to get there? She was unable to drive, despite that driving licence. Even if she knew how to do so, she could not risk being stopped while using his car. She hoisted her backpack. As she left she picked up the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign that had fallen to the floor. Finding it difficult to attach to the door handle, she settled for sliding it into the door jamb. Hopefully this would mean she had a little more time to get away.

It was dark and she did not think she was observed as she walked down the driveway of the motel. She set off towards the town of Tombstone. It helped that Duane had earlier driven her down to the main street. He had promised they would get to see a gunfight show the next day. The ten-minute walk would present no particular problem for her.

She made her way along the side of the road, several times ducking off the tarmac as a truck rumbled past. She did not want anyone recalling the sight of a lone Asiatic girl walking beside the road. She thought in the dark she might be assumed to be Hispanic but she could not take that risk.

The traffic was mercifully light. As she climbed back up to the road for the second time she saw a place with the sign ‘Boot Hill’. Duane had mentioned it, and described it as a historic graveyard. She shivered at the thought although her clothes were now almost dry in the warm evening air.



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