Sun City drubbing #thriller


Excerpt from Route of Evil

Theo needed to win some cash so he would not be obliged to take the very next job that came along. At the blackjack table he decided to keep it sensible and staked $20 per deal but watched bemusedly as he burned through the two $100 bills he had exchanged for chips. He did achieve one stand-off, but not a single win.

It did not help that on three occasions the guy to his right had drawn down unexpectedly. They were not the smartest of draws, the guy played like an absolute novice. Each time he drew he took the very card that Theo needed, when it came to his own turn the dealt card screwed or bust him.

He had lost $200 in just eleven deals. Unbelievable! He pushed back through the throng surrounding the table in disgust. He had not actually witnessed anything that was suspicious at the table but surely this defied all the normal odds? Had the house been cheating? He could not help snapping out, ‘Thieving bastards!’ as he left the table.

This outburst attracted the attention of several heavy-looking guards, who rapidly moved to close the distance towards him. It became obvious they currently had only a watching brief. He automatically adopted a stance, he was confident that he could have taken them with one hand tied behind his back. But even with his alcohol-addled brain he cautioned himself, they would be armed, he was not. They would have reinforcements readily at hand, he did not. He had not recce’d a line of retreat. He was the worse for wear from the alcohol. Conclusion? It was not advisable to challenge or attack them.

Theo’s slow thought process flicked through these evaluations and he stood down, making his way to the casino exit to leave in search of a bar.


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