Ghost Town – 1981 riots #history


This week, on my course, one of  the most interesting tasks has been to analyse the Ghost Town by the Ska/2-Tone group The Specials.

It became record of the year in 1981 for its good-timing – it was released during a year of city riots – Brixton et al.

I’ve never really done more than listen to records before, decide if I like them, so the analysis was great fun – it’s packed full of features!

Of course most on the course would not have been alive back then – at least I remember it – it was the 80s not the 60s!

See the video and hear it here.

Two years back we drove Route 66 and took the diversion to Tombstone, not quite yet a ghost town during the day – no rioting among the tourists watching the gunfight shows.

But when we went there in the evening for a dinner it felt just like one, dark streets, no-one around, but the saloons were open – that’s why it features in my latest novel:

Route of Evil

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