Monthly Archives: November 2014

Trip to Myanmar (Burma)

Just got back from two weeks travelling around Burma – remarkable place. Firstly you soon find yourself with a surfeit of Buddhas – so many of them in pagodas, stupas,… Read more »

Gifts for Christmas? Pack #2

Still pondering that last gift for someone for Christmas, and prefer non-fiction? If you know someone wanting to become the next hi-tech billionaire then here’s some essential reading: The PC… Read more »

Gifts for Christmas?

If you are pondering that last gift for someone for Christmas: – want something thrilling? that takes you to exotic locations around the world? involves every type of crime you… Read more »

Not very, never very – it’s as bad as nice!

45 ways to avoid using the word ‘very’ I came across this article via StumbleUpon – produced by © Amanda Patterson of Wrtiter’s Write. As someone who constantly reaches for… Read more »

Faraday – presenter extraordinaire #history

One of the early disappointments for my course was Michael Faraday. I got the coursework books before the assignment schedule so pitched in on those subjects that immediately appealed –… Read more »

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