Gifts for Christmas?

If you are pondering that last gift for someone for Christmas:

– want something thrilling? that takes you to exotic locations around the world? involves every type of crime you can shake a stick at? – then this one’s for you:


It’s available here in paperback or as an eBook – all formats

Or do you prefer more of a series?

Then follow Tom Carter in two global investigations:

SW-NEW COVERCarter has to counter a Russian Mafiya plot to use a new form of water that kills all life it invades. Discovered in the Arctic the gang decides it can restore Russia’s superpower status by using this new WMD. Find it here…

dna-cad7The second in the series, Carter faces an American evangelical sect that is using gene research to bring about its prophecies. They are retreating into compounds around the world from where they will unleash a genetic weapon that will leave them in a new Garden of Eden. Find it here…

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