Gifts for Christmas? Pack #2

Still pondering that last gift for someone for Christmas, and prefer non-fiction?

If you know someone wanting to become the next hi-tech billionaire then here’s some essential reading:


The PC Pioneers looks at how the personal computer and Internet were developed. It celebrates the people rather than the products – the creative clusters, dynamic duos and inspiring individuals who created and evolved the personal computer – and just what an interesting group they were!

It’s available here in paperback or as an eBook – all formats

Prefer a Lite version?

PC-Moments-Cover1A look at the top 100 turning points from the PC Pioneers – see this here!


Prefer your history to be about kings, revolutions and wars?

FrontCover1492_k_xsmall– then 1492 and all that! is for you – a history of Spain and Portugal for the ex-pat and visitor – see this here!

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