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Happy New Year…?

New Year festivities vary by date and according to where you live, your religion…  – The English first-footer tradition requires that a dark-haired man be the first over the threshold… Read more »

So this is Christmas…?

Early Christians selected the 25th December in order to ‘overwrite’ earlier festivals such as the Roman Saturnalia. We may have changed the name – but not its basic nature! –… Read more »

Channeling la différence #history #Anglo-France

Just spent a great weekend with my daughter and her family south of Paris, France. The English Channel (La Manche) separates our two nations and as near-neighbours we have a… Read more »

Hunger and stuff… just imagine!

HUNGER: Dec 7th – Daily Mail: ‘Justin Welby [Archbishop of Canterbury] last night called for state to take over running food banks’, ‘for the Government to do more to eradicate… Read more »

Gutenberg Bible

Jerome’s Epistle to Paulinus from the British Museum’s 1454 Gutenberg Bible Part of this week’s task on my course has been to collaboratively look at St Jerome’s Epistle to Paulinus… Read more »

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