Have you in my sights… #thriller


I have you in my sights for 2015

January seems to last forever!

What you need is a good thriller to warm up those dark chilly nights – with dark chilly tales!

Here are three to check out on Amazon Kindle…


Still Water – Tom Carter series #1 – a Russian Mafiya gang has a means of changing water so that it kills all life it touches -and it’s scarce enough already – they plan to use it to recover Russia’s superpower status

Find it here –   USA            UK

Gene Genie – Tom Carter series #2 – an American evangelical sect is using gene research to bring about their prophecies for the future – first they plan to thin out the world’s population, then rule it!

Find it here –   USA            UK

Route of Evil – follows a $100 bill right around the world as it bears silent witness to a global crime syndicate imvolved in people traficking, organ trading, endangered species trading, sports fixing…

Find it here –   USA            UK

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