Battle of Stamford Bridge #history repeating itself?

Stamford BridgeTostig Godwinson rebelled against his brother. the King, and inveigled a mercenary force under King Harald Hardrada to join him. They enjoyed some early success in the North (cf 1-1).

The King knew there was a more serious threat coming soon so quickly gathered his forces and at the Battle of Stamford Bridge (25 September 1066) King Harold Godwinson successfully repelled this northern invading force.

They were allowed to leave after giving pledges not to attack again. The losses they suffered were so horrific that they needed to carry the survivors away.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

On 27 January 2014 at Stamford Bridge King Jose will again seek to despatch the northern invaders at Stamford Bridge.

But here’s where the historic allusion breaks down – because while Harold was exhausted by marching up and down the length of the country for his two battles 19 days apart, Chelsea FC will be resting at home and will capably meet the second threat just four days later…

Blue is the colour!


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