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Subject First posted Book title
Water – a real and present danger 03-Aug Still Water
Tapas #history 27-Jul  1492 and all that!
The Caduceus, the double-helix, snakes and creation
14-Jul  Gene Genie
Charles II of Spain – inbreeding victim
06-Jul  1492 and all that!
Things that you’re liable
Missed opportunity
How the Kindle charts work…
Ikea library 9-May
Books at home 8-May
Route of Evil – Kindle promotion 8-May Route of Evil
Favourite books 7-May
Follow the money #thriller 11-Feb Route of Evil
Apple Macintosh Big Brother launch 20-Jan PC Pioneers
Religious intolerance… 14-Jan 1492 and all that!
Have you in my sights for 2015… 07-Jan Route of Evil
Happy New Year…? 31-Dec
So this is Christmas… 24-Dec
Gifts for Christmas, Pack #2 19-Nov PC Pioneers
Gifts for Christmas 19-Nov Route of Evil
Faraday – presenter extraordinaire 5-Nov 1492 and all that!
Christopher Marlowe – Shakespeare? Spy? 29-Oct 1492 and all that!
Excuses, excuses 22-Oct 1492 and all that!
Ghost Town – and riots 15-Oct Route of Evil
That’s all folks… 01-Oct
Sun City drubbing 22-Sep Route of Evil
The remarkable queen of the Basques – Jeanne of Navarre 17-Sep 1492 and all that!
Route of Evil – available today $2.99, €2.99 or £2.99 15-Sep Route of Evil
Kidnap in São Paulo 11-Sep Route of Evil
Caught in the act – by a drone 09-Sep Route of Evil
The Great Lisbon Earthquake 08-Sep 1492 and all that!
Tombstone and Boot Hill 04-Sep Route of Evil
Doorman rules – KO? 03-Sep Gene Genie
The Brotherhood controls the still water 02-Sep Still Water
Renaming colonial cities – and Nay Pyi Taw 01-Sep Route of Evil
Assault on the Congo 29-Aug Still Water
Bangkok, the calm before the storm 28-Aug Route of Evil
Package tour founder – Vladimir Gavrilovich Raitz 27-Aug 1492 and all that!
Creating Bollywood magic 26-Aug Route of Evil
Bonobos bred to be Humanzees 22-Aug Gene Genie
Monaco, tunnel vision of death 18-Aug Route of Evil
From ninth child of a carter to Regent of Spain 16-Aug 1492 and all that!
Christ’s DNA missing? 13-Aug Gene Genie
Beating Columbus to America by twenty years? 6-Aug 1492 and all that!
1.4 billion people lack a safe water supply 5-Aug Still Water
Coming soon – Route of Evil 4-Aug Route of Evil
4077th MASH – conceived in the Spanish Civil War 29-Jul 1492 and all that!
Hunting endangered rhino 28-Jul Gene Genie
Religious sect opinion forming 25-Jul Gene Genie
Reconstructing coral reefs 24-Jul Still Water
The hippocampus – opportunities for genetic meddling? 22-Jul Gene Genie
James Fitzjames – the 1st Duke of Berwick 17-Jul 1492 and all that!
Rioja Wines 14-Jul 1492 and all that!
Iberian culture – Flamenco and Fado 11-Jul 1492 and all that!
Mithra and sacred bulls 7-Jul 1492 and all that!
Here be dragons – and gorillas? 3-Jul 1492 and all that!
Is revenge sweet? 2-Jul Route of Evil
Buddha’s shoulder 1-Jul Gene Genie
Guernica – trial run for Blitzkrieg 30-Jun 1492 and all that!
Deadly Water course 26-Jun Still Water
Taking the Spanish Road 24-Jun 1492 and all that!
Colonists and Conquistadors 20-Jun 1492 and all that!
Giant Tortoise islands – Galápagos Islands 19-Jun Still Water
Cave of the Patriarchs 18-Jun Gene Genie
Pillars of Hercules 16-Jun 1492 and all that!
Gene Research and Ethics 13-Jun Gene Genie
Benjamins – facts about the $100 bill 12-Jun Route of Evil
Go figure – the numbers game 10-Jun PC Pioneers
Cape Crusaders – the Battle of Trafalgar 9-Jun 1492 and all that!
Going to Spain/Portugal – must-read for travellers.ex-pats 4-Jun 1492 and all that!
WMD genius – a weapon better than the neutron bomb 3-Jun Still Water


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