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Nolan Bushnell and Atari 28-Jun
Bill Gates’ last stand 27-Jun
Lotus blossom 25-Jun
Birth of the father of Internet 23-Jun
eBay birthday
Hyperthought – Ted Nelson 17-Jun
Accounting – meet skewers in a macaroni box 11-Jun
Tim Berners-Lee birthday 08-Jun
Turing’s suicide 07-Jun
Woz up 05-Jun
On the right wavelength 02-Jun
Google Streetview 25-May
Alan Kay defines the laptop 17-May
Birth of Visicalc 11-May
A spammer in the works 3-May
Nintendo GameBoy launch 21-Apr
Moores Law 19-Apr
Micro-Soft founded 4-Apr
Apple Computer founded 1-Apr
First UNIVAC delivered 31-Mar
First tweet 21-Mar
Web firsts 15-Mar
Microsoft IPO 13-Mar
PC Ignition sequence – Homebrew 5-Mar
Yahoo! 1-Mar
Michael Dell 23-Feb
Ken Olsen and minicomputers 20-Feb
WordPerfect Suite – Corel #pchistory 18-Feb
Britains wasted legacy 14-Feb
Connecting up the spots – Facebook 4-Feb
Birth of a compulsion 29-Jan
Apple Macintosh Big Brother launch 20-Jan
Andy Bechtolsheim born on this day in 1955 – Sun Microsystems and Google 30-Sep
Apple LaserWriter prototypes supplied in 1984 to Aldus, Adobe 25-Sep
Data by TV launched on this day in 1974 – Ceefax 23-Sep
Sega Master System, launched in 1986 – and Sonic the Hedgehog 18-Sep
Steve Jobs had left Apple and on this day in 1985 – what NeXT? 16-Sep
Jack Kilby at TI developed the first integrated circuit on this day in 1958  12-Sep
Charles Simonyi – born on this day in 1946 10-Sep
German Lorenz message was sent twice today in 1942, enabling Bletchley to decode it 30-Aug
Linus Torvalds announced his Linux software on this day in 1991 25-Aug
Nintendo’s Super Mario World was launched on this day in 1991 23-Aug
Sergey Brin was born on this day in 1973 – in Russia – at Stanford he co-developed Google 21-Aug
Gordon C Bell was born, known for his ‘Law of Computer Classes’ 19-Aug
Larry Ellison born, he would build the Oracle Corporation 17-Aug
UK Government Code & Cipher School established at Bletchley Park 15-Aug
IBM’s secret Project Chess revealed 12-Aug
Steve Wozniak early days and the Cream Soda Computer 11-Aug
Ken Kutaragi and Sony PlayStation 8-Aug
Jimmy Donal Wales and Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia 7-Aug
Saddle factory produces the Tandy TRS-80 computer 3-Aug
Pet Jet, Woz crash and death of IBM’s Estridge 2-Aug
Peter McColough born, head of Xerox he pursued the Office of the Future and founded Xerox PARC 1-Aug
Vic Hayes, the father of WiFi, was born on this day in 1941 31-Jul
Clive Sinclair born on this day in 1940 30-Jul
Microsoft acquired QDOS from Seattle Computer Products 27-Jul
Aldus Pagemaker – Apple Mac killer-app 23-Jul
iMac-to-go launched 21-Jul
Intel Corporation founded 18-Jul
Dan Bricklin and VisiCalc 16-Jul
Twitter launched by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone 15-Jul
300 years of effort – Microsoft Windows 95 13-Jul
Telstar communications satellite launched 10-Jul
Marc Andreessen and Mosaic 9-Jul
Seymour Cray and Supercomputers 8-Jul
HoTMaiL launch 4-Jul
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