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Homebrew_SLAC_1979Excerpt from The PC Pioneers

Forty years ago, on this day in 1975, the inaugural meeting of the Homebrew Computer Club assembled many of the early PC pioneers

Gordon French and Fred Moore realised that they were much more interested in the hardware side.  They invited those interested in hardware to a meeting in French’s garage.  What is it about West Coast garages?

The invitation read,

‘Building your own computer?  Terminal?  TV Typewriter?  I/O device?  Or some other digital black-box?  Or are you buying time on a time-sharing service?

If so, you might like to come to a gathering or people with likeminded interests.  Exchange information, swap ideas, talk shop, help work on a project, whatever…’

They first got together in March 1975 and went on to hold fortnightly meetings of what they called the ‘Homebrew Computer Club’ (HCC).

The club became famous for its august membership.  This included: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who formed Apple; Adam Osborne, the portable computer innovator; Bob Marsh and Gary Ingram, who founded Processor Technology and created the SOL-20; Lee Felsenstein, later to design the SOL-20 and Osborne 1; Harry Garland and Roger Melen, who launched Cromemco; George Morrow, who built CP/M based computers; John Draper, a phone ‘phreak’ who went by the name of Cap’n Crunch and would later produce WP software; Marty Spergel, who became an electronic parts supplier; Allen Baum, friend to Wozniak and fellow HP employee.


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