Oi BBC! Get real on Scotland!

UnionJackLessScotlandThe Sun‘s view of how the Union Jack might look without Scotland’s St Andrew’s Cross

Listening to the campaigns and debates on the 2015 UK General Election I wonder why it has become so Scotland-centric? Let’s look at some facts:

  • Scotland contains just 8% of the UK population
  • It currently enjoys 9% of the seats in parliament (59 of 650), though this was reviewed in 2013 and by 2018 it should be 8% (52 of 600)
  • Scots have £1,600 more spent per head in terms of public services than English citizens (late 2013 gov’t figures) – the spend by nation looks like this NI per head = £10,876, Scotland = £10,151, Wales £9,707 and England just £8,528
  • Scots enjoy free student tuition, their old people don’t have to lose their house and savings if they go in to a care home
  • We have to live with the two fishy SNP mouthpieces (Sturgeon and Salmon) telling us how they will run the UK after this election – and the BBC (and other media) is giving it plenty of prominence!

Surely then they should be getting 8% of the attention! The opinion polls relegate the SNP to being just a part of the 4% who say they will vote ‘Other’ (BBC Poll of Polls today). That’s more like it!

I’m no Little Englander but can we have some airtime that discusses England please?

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