The Caduceus, the double-helix, snakes and creation

Were we created by snake-like aliens from somewhere in the thirteenth sign of the zodiac?

Caduceus CADUCEUS – this is an oft-used medical logo with two snakes coiled around a staff.In Gene Genie one of the main protagonists, Sam Shepherd, suggests that this is in fact a very ancient symbol that depicted the DNA’s double-helix – way before any human could have known of its existence!The rod or staff of office is a regular feature of early history; the Caduceus appears on Mesopotamian cylinder seals as early as 4,000 BCE and used by them to depict the fertility god, Ningizzida.Is it a message from our creators?
Rod_of_Asclepios ASCLEPIOS – There is a tad of confusion with many suggesting that the Caduceus was the symbol used by Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, in fact he used the Rod of Asclepios; this had just the one snake coiled around a staff.Asclepios, the son of Apollo, could have been either mortal or a god, in Greek mythology gods coupling with mortals was a regular feature. The Romans had a plague in 293 BCE, Asclepios was approached for assistance; he came in the guise of a snake.We’ll come back to those snakes…
Garden_of_Eden STAFFS AND RODS – Some suggest that the Rod of Asclepios came directly from the Tree of Knowledge within the Garden of Eden; that Adam was given it when banished from the Garden of Eden.It was said to have passed down to many of the great characters of the Old Testament and the Qur’an. To Abraham, Isaac, Joshua and to have safely negotiated the flood on-board Noah’s Ark.The Jewish text that sets out the rules of the Passover, gives an even longer provenance to this rod or staff; it was put to use by Jacob when he crossed the Jordan.Later Moses and Aaron were said to have used a staff (the staff?) in mysterious ways, both changed their rod in to a snake. In the book of Numbers a rebellion was quelled when Aaron’s was stuck into the ground and on this occasion grew almonds.The Haggadah also says it was this rod that David used to slay Goliath, not a sling. It later became the sceptre of David’s lineage, disappearing when the Temple was sacked.

There is a suggestion that in New Testament times it was given to Jesus so that he might reveal his authority as Messiah, but that Judas Iscariot, stole it.

Greek heralds used a staff as the visible symbol of their power. Their god Hermes and the Roman god Mercury each carried a rod too.

Gilgamesh SNAKES ON PLAINS – it was the serpent in the Garden of Eden that brought knowledge to Eve. In the Orthodox churches Sophia’s transmission of wisdom to us mortals was embodied as a snake. It’s a symbol used by the Gnostics too, who believe this physical world of ours was created by the Demiurge, a serpent with a lion’s head. Australian Aborigines have their ‘rainbow serpent’.Isn’t Adam and Eve fictional? It was an allegorical oral-tradition tale passed down many generations before becoming encapsulated within the Bible. Pre-dating this is the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Sumerians and Akkadians tells the story of a king from 2,600 BCE – the lore used the caduceus symbol and a snake figure, Oannes, who brought them early knowledge.Only the Bible suggests that the serpent was evil. It was giving Eve knowledge, which meant she was no longer happy living blissfully ignorant of the real world, this tempting her away from God’s will is interpreted as wrong. Wouldn’t you rather have knowledge?Snakes were thus bringers of knowledge, but did they create us?
dna-cad7 MEDICINE AND CREATION – The creation story in the Bible has Adam being formed out of ‘the dust of the ground’, and then while he slept ‘he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh…’Viracocha, the Inca god, was also claimed to have made humans from clay. As did the Sumerians’ god, who used clay but mixed this with the flesh and blood of a god, then these gods spat in to the mixture. Passing on their DNA?As Sam Shepherd says in Gene Genie:‘These sound like pretty good attempts of someone without any such knowledge trying to describe a modern medical operation. Gilgamesh himself is described as two-thirds god and one-third human, what we might call a genetic hybrid today.’‘Now just take a good close look at it [the Caduceus]. Imagine for a moment, just what else it could be seeking to represent? It can only be the double helix, present deep within our DNA! And this clear symbol has been handed down to us from time immemorial, from a time when our human antecedents could not possibly have known anything of its [DNAs]significance!’
OphiuchusPng IT’S ALL THERE IN THE STARS – It was the Babylonians, successors to the Sumerians, whose astronomers first catalogued the ecliptic path of the sun and divided the heavens into twelve zones – their ‘circle of animals’ or zodiac.The sun passes through the constellation of Ophiuchus from November 30th to December 17th. This zone lies between the two established signs of Sagittarius and Libra but is completely ignored by our modern zodiac system. There should have been thirteen zones of the zodiac, perhaps it was triskaidekaphobia that stopped them – the fear of the number 13.The thirteenth zodiac sign had as its symbol the caduceus. It is one of the forty-eight constellations recorded by Ptolemy; named Ophiuchus also known as Serpentarius, both of its names have serpent origins.Doubtful? Then why are Easter and Ramadan still both determined by the stars?Read more…


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