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#history – The origin of that distinctive Spanish snack, tapas, is debated in 1492 and all that!

AlfonsoX Alfonso X of Spain is one of the many origins claimed for the notion of tapas. This suggests that it was after an illness that he took regular yet small plates of meat with wine to aid his recovery. But the word tapas derives from the verb tapar, to cover, and other explanations fit this more closely.
AlfonsoXIII Some sources suggest that it was a much later king, Alfonso XIII, who on a visit to Cádiz is said to have been offered a glass of wine with a slice of cured ham covering it to keep out the sand. Andalusian bars had developed this habit of placing a slice of bread or chorizo to cover glasses of sherry so that this would keep out fruit flies.
CastilleLaMancha Yet another version suggests that Castile-La Mancha bar owners covered their glasses of wine with a strong cheese that helped to conceal the smell of the poor wine.

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