Blackbird song

Woke to this wonderful sound:

Not sure what the fantastic range of its song means – but it sounds joyous and uplifing.Great way to wake up to what looks like another sunny day.

Apparently we have 4.5 million pairs in Britain.

Not the prettiest bird but what a repertoire!

red kite It’s all Sir John Paul Getty II’s fault that we have very few other small birds in our garden.Working with the RSPB and English Nature he re-introduced red kites onto his Wormsley Estate at Ibstone Bucks in 1984.They now majestically trawl our skies in such numbers that they are being exported all around the UK.

Thought you might like to hear their keening in this video.

British_garden_birds Of course we would love more variety in the garden but the sound of the blackbrid and the sight of the kite will suffice!
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