I always wanted  to write but when I got a knock-back for a non-fiction book, now almost 30 years ago, I satisfied myself instead, for many years, with writing reports, sales proposals, marketing briefs and advertising copy. I did try and at one point wrote Birth of a Notion a novel about some unexpected results achieved by the early robotic developers, but never published it. See my post on rejection – Nil Desperandum

Still Water – more here!

I believe that Still Water has a strong and timely message on a very current issue.  Water is the real concern for the future, particularly as a middle class emerges in China and India and they espouse the Western norms.  There’s a lot of press about your carbon footprint, but it is your water fottprint that will kill you!

Introduces Tom Carter the celebrity life scientist who has to battle a Russian mafiya gang to make sure the still water does not enter the water cycle!

Gene Genie – more here!

Tom Carter is back – but this time it is an American evangelical sect that he must combat.  Their Patriarch believes he has some insight from early documents that makes him look at the Junk DNA that we all have and most scientists believe are of no worth; he believes that there are messages.

His brilliant geneticist sidekick is pursuing research that can bring about his prophecies.  They also believe the world population is too large!


Route of Evil – more here!

Pursued by organ traders in Thailand, a Vietnamese girl is rescued by an American stranger who, seeing an opportunity to earn a home posting, embroils her in a plot to ensnare Mexican border people-traffickers.

The American marks a batch of $100 bills for his short-term sting, but Kim-Ly’s own agenda propels one note on a circumnavigation of the world. Along its journey the ‘Benjamin’ is handled by an unconnected series of characters each out for revenge – but no sweetness ensues.

Route of Evil follows the banknote which is a silent witness to a catalogue of crime and deaths. It sparks a chain reaction that unravels a global crime network.

The bill meets slavery in Arizona, Brazilian soccer match-fixing, Mexican cartels, African trading in gemstones and animal parts, Formula One technology tampering in Turkey…

The banknote’s route connects criminal gangs in Bollywood, rape in Bagan, assassination in Bangkok, before rushing to a thrilling climax in Mexico City and the Arizona border.




The PC Pioneers – more here!

A look at the people who brought us the PC and the Net from the earliest calculating devices to the iPad and smartphones. The book looks at the innovative individuals, dynamic duos and creative clusters that made it all happen – and what an interesting lot they prove to be. If you are a budding IT billionaire, here’s your background reading!


100 PC Moments – more here!

This is a lite version of the PC Pioneers, we have selected the top 100 moments that mattered in the evolution of the PC and the Net.  We also highlight the key 400 pioneers who brought these about.


1492 and all that! – more here!

A look at the history of Iberia – Spain and Portugal – from the perspective of an interested ex-pat or visitor.  If you were like me and knew only of flamenco and fiestas, bull fights and Barcelona, the Armada and General Franco – then this book is for you!



At First Site – more here!

I was posted to Kuala Lumpur for seven weeksand used every spare moment to write this comedy stage play.I think it has value.Looking for a publisher or impresario?– any interest?


Tarantara! – more here!

The worlds created by Gilbert & Sullivan with D’Oyly Carte.

Their timeless music and lyrics punctuate a look at their troubled relationship.

Looking for an impresarion – any interest?

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