At First Site

‘At First Site’ is a comedy based in the exhibition organiser office of a busy show.  I was inspired by ‘Noises Off’ and ‘Changing Rooms’ where the three acts were based as much on the implication of what was happening off-stage as what happened on it.

This is just like an exhibition organiser office where the show is happening in the hall/s as a procession of people and incidents come via the office.

It’s in three acts:

  • the first as they arrive at site and start to set up the show, we get to know the characters and see there is conflict between two for the vacant Event Director role
  • the second as the event is opened by a VIP with a whole series of challeneges to get the show up and running
  • the third on the last day of the event when the personality clashes have really reached a climax while they strive to close the show formally.

It was a great deal of fun to write, each character is an amalgam of actual individuals I worked with, each crisis drawn from actual issues I encountered in running various events.

If you are interested in working with me to get this on the stage or have interest in performing it

please contact me

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