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Google Streetview completed #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers On this day in 2007 David McCuthcen completed Google Streetview David McCutchen founded Immersive Media Company (IMC), a Calgary based operation, basing it upon work… Read more »

Missed opportunity #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers Steve Jobs decided they should form a company to sell the computer [Apple 1] that Steve Wozniak had designed. He came up with the name… Read more »

Ustinov on Franco…

An Evening with Peter Ustinov, years back I went to a theatre to listen to this unbelievably talented and interesting man. He told the story of General Francisco Franco being… Read more »

Two catastrophic inventions #history

Thomas J Midgley Jr has a unique place in the history of inventions – two of his wreaked havoc on the world! ῀ Historian J R McNeil said that Midgley… Read more »

Alan Kay defines the laptop #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers Alan Kay, software guru, was born on this day in 1940 Alan Kay did his masters and PhD at the University of Utah where he … Read more »

Birth of Visicalc – Happy Birthday!

Extract from The PC Pioneers It was today in 1979 that VisiCalc (Visible Calculator) the first computer spreadsheet arrived – I can’t begin to tot up the days that I… Read more »

How the Kindle ‘charts’ work…

Came across a site that had done a great deal of research and established the following data for fiction titles sold on Kindle in the USA. Note – this doesn’t… Read more »

Ikea Library?

Talk about minimalism in style but maximal in terms of stock -a  Stockholm Libarary!  Inspired by Ikea you have to walk all those steps and walkways to get to the… Read more »

Route of Evil – Kindle promotion

From 10th May, for just a week, my latest thriller Route of Evil is on promotion – instead of £3.59 it is just 99p You can get it here –… Read more »

Books at home

I was not born in to a house of bibliophiles. Throughout my childhood there were the same small selection of books, latterly housed in a bookcase I had made at… Read more »

Favourite books

The fiction books that have shaped me the most are: Shogun by James Clavell – I read this in the paperback 1600-page version and found it far too short. When… Read more »


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