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Viral campaigns #history

There is no clear evidence as to where the Spanish Flu pandemic started but, uncharacteristically for flu, it attacked the young and able. Arguments have been made for a Chinese… Read more »

Golden Girls #history

A man’s world in the 15th and 16th centuries? – that would be to ignore two very remarkable women from that era! Queen Isabella of Castile and Aragon (1451 –… Read more »

Energy source or water supply? #thriller

The world’s population exceeds seven billion people – 40% of this total depends upon the water that flows down the major rivers from the Himalayas for their agriculture, for industry,… Read more »

Water – a real and present danger!

I’m no rabid environmentalist, have no green agenda, but in researching Still Water I knew there was a world water crisis but I had not realised quite how serious it… Read more »

Tapas #history

#history – The origin of that distinctive Spanish snack, tapas, is debated in 1492 and all that! ῀ Alfonso X of Spain is one of the many origins claimed for… Read more »

The Caduceus, the double-helix, snakes and creation

Were we created by snake-like aliens from somewhere in the thirteenth sign of the zodiac? CADUCEUS – this is an oft-used medical logo with two snakes coiled around a staff.In… Read more »

Charles II of Spain – inbreeding victim

Incest is clearly not best!  And this is not just because George S Kaufman said, ‘The trouble with incest is that it gets you involved with relatives.’  Intriguingly Charles Darwin… Read more »

Things that you’re liable… #thriller

Just what is the gospel truth? The gospel according to Mark was the first to be written – in Rome.  The gospels of Matthew and Luke drew on material from… Read more »

Missed opportunity #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers Steve Jobs decided they should form a company to sell the computer [Apple 1] that Steve Wozniak had designed. He came up with the name… Read more »

Ikea Library?

Talk about minimalism in style but maximal in terms of stock -a  Stockholm Libarary!  Inspired by Ikea you have to walk all those steps and walkways to get to the… Read more »

Route of Evil – Kindle promotion

From 10th May, for just a week, my latest thriller Route of Evil is on promotion – instead of £3.59 it is just 99p You can get it here –… Read more »

Books at home

I was not born in to a house of bibliophiles. Throughout my childhood there were the same small selection of books, latterly housed in a bookcase I had made at… Read more »


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