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Gene Research and Ethics – #thriller

The field of genetics has routinely pressed hard against our ethical boundaries, prompting many questions. We probably all agree that if a family has a propensity for a particular genetic… Read more »

Benjamins #thriller

Facts about the $100 bill: In 1969 Richard Nixon withdrew from circulation the higher-value notes – $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 – to combat organised crime. This left the $100… Read more »

Go figure – #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers The use of numbers is said to distinguish mankind from other animals; but natural scientists do suggest that birds can actually discern numbers. Birds recognise… Read more »

Cape crusaders #history

Nelson arrived off Cádiz with HMS Victory to take command of a moveable feast of resources as the British ships broke away to be resupplied or reallocated. With new objectives… Read more »

Going to Spain/Portugal – #history

Off to the Iberian peninsula for a break? Or moving there? Do you have just vague concepts of the history of Spain and Portugal? Want to know more? Are your… Read more »

WMD genius #thriller

Samuel Cohen of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory had a destructive notion in 1958. His ideas were tested underground in the Nevada desert in 1963. His notion was to reduce… Read more »

‘Route of Evil’ is born

My latest thriller has changed its name to ‘Route of Evil’ – we follow the route of a marked $100 bill as it crisscrosses with a number of characters seeking… Read more »


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