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Battle of Stamford Bridge #history repeating itself?

Tostig Godwinson rebelled against his brother. the King, and inveigled a mercenary force under King Harald Hardrada to join him. They enjoyed some early success in the North (cf 1-1)…. Read more »

Our poppy arrived… #history

… better yet it arrived undamaged! So now it has pride of place next to my wife’s cross-stitch for the WWI centenary – sadly the two were united a tad… Read more »

Happy New Year…?

New Year festivities vary by date and according to where you live, your religion…  – The English first-footer tradition requires that a dark-haired man be the first over the threshold… Read more »

So this is Christmas…?

Early Christians selected the 25th December in order to ‘overwrite’ earlier festivals such as the Roman Saturnalia. We may have changed the name – but not its basic nature! –… Read more »

Hunger and stuff… just imagine!

HUNGER: Dec 7th – Daily Mail: ‘Justin Welby [Archbishop of Canterbury] last night called for state to take over running food banks’, ‘for the Government to do more to eradicate… Read more »

Gutenberg Bible

Jerome’s Epistle to Paulinus from the British Museum’s 1454 Gutenberg Bible Part of this week’s task on my course has been to collaboratively look at St Jerome’s Epistle to Paulinus… Read more »

Trip to Myanmar (Burma)

Just got back from two weeks travelling around Burma – remarkable place. Firstly you soon find yourself with a surfeit of Buddhas – so many of them in pagodas, stupas,… Read more »

Faraday – presenter extraordinaire #history

One of the early disappointments for my course was Michael Faraday. I got the coursework books before the assignment schedule so pitched in on those subjects that immediately appealed –… Read more »

Excuses, excuses… #history

     One of this week’s subjects was to compare and contrast Cézanne’s Bathers with Correggio’s Leda with the Swan. It is remarkable how many excuses we have historically come… Read more »

Cleopatra and poor journalism #history

Liz Taylor as Cleopatra VII One week in to my History degree – only 155 to go. Cleopatra has been the top theme of the week – looking at her… Read more »

PC Pioneers Survey Results

We have been running a poll on for the last year and have been asking our readers “Which do you believe was the first truly personal computer?”. Here is… Read more »

See new site…

New writing blog site! – just a short and sweet post today – do take time to look at The site has been completely updated to become the blog… Read more »


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