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PC ignition sequence – Homebrew… #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers Forty years ago, on this day in 1975, the inaugural meeting of the Homebrew Computer Club assembled many of the early PC pioneers Gordon French… Read more »

Yet another hierarchical officious oracle… #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers On this day in 1995 Yahoo! was launched David Filo and Jerry Yang were pursuing doctorates in Electrical Engineering at Stanford when they decided to… Read more »

Michael Dell’s birthday #pchistory

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers On this day in 1965 Michael Dell was born Michael S Dell was a child entrepreneur who earned money early and invested it in stocks… Read more »

Blogs – PC and Internet Anniversaries

Back to Site Map   –  My Writing  –  Back to Home Page PC PIONEER ANNIVERSARIES Nolan Bushnell and Atari 28-Jun Bill Gates’ last stand 27-Jun Lotus blossom 25-Jun Birth of… Read more »

Ken Olsen and minicomputers #pchistory

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers On this day in 1926 Ken Olsen was born The first minicomputer was designed in 1961 at the Lincoln Laboratory by Charles Molnar and Wes… Read more »

WordPerfect Suite – Corel #pchistory

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers In 1996 Corel acquired WordPerfect from Novell, at the time the market leader in word processing software. On this day in 1997 Corel launched its… Read more »

Britain’s wasted legacy… #history

Colossus Computer – Bletchley Park Excerpt from The PC Pioneers On this day in 1946 the ENIAC computer was launched, supplanting British invention The war-time effort at Bletchley Park had… Read more »

Connecting up the spots… Facebook #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers On this day in 2004 Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin launched Facebook Yet it all started so inauspiciously… At Harvard Zuckerberg studied psychology and computer… Read more »

Birth of a compulsion #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers On this day in 1988 the game Tetris was released and a new compulsion was born! It was developed by Alexey Pajitnov and Dmitry Pavlovsky… Read more »

Apple Macintosh Big Brother launch advert #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers On this day in 1984 – Apple ran its Big Brother advert as the launch of the Apple Macintosh – it aired during the third… Read more »

Andy Bechtolsheim born on this day in 1955 – Sun Microsystems and Google #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers The first 3M computer – one megapixel display, one megabyte of memory and a speed of one million instructions per second – was developed by… Read more »

Apple LaserWriter prototypes supplied in 1984 to Aldus, Adobe #history

Excerpts from The PC Pioneers It was when Apple LaserWriter, Adobe Postscript and Aldus PageMaker were combined, desktop publishing became the killer application that saved the Macintosh – and Apple;… Read more »


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