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 Back to Site Map   –  My Writing  –  Back to Home Page PUBLISHING Subject First posted Route of Evil – available today $2.99, €2.99 or £2.99 15-Sep Route of Evil… Read more »

Channeling la différence #history #Anglo-France

Just spent a great weekend with my daughter and her family south of Paris, France. The English Channel (La Manche) separates our two nations and as near-neighbours we have a… Read more »

Not very, never very – it’s as bad as nice!

45 ways to avoid using the word ‘very’ I came across this article via StumbleUpon – produced by © Amanda Patterson of Wrtiter’s Write. As someone who constantly reaches for… Read more »

Literary challenges

Dan Brown was rejected and told his manuscript of The Da Vinci Code was ‘so badly written’. Fortunately another publisher did not agree. Jacqueline Susann received this review, ‘…she is… Read more »

Significance of Genres #writing

One of my early surprises as a writer was when publishers and agents require you to squeeze your work into a genre. I took this the wrong way, hadn’t I… Read more »

Reaching No. 6 in the charts! #history

1492 and all that! has been selling well Today on Amazon USA it became: #6 in terms of Portuguese history #10 for Spanish History Of course it is also available… Read more »

Play reading…

Just had the first ever read-through of my play ‘At First Site’ – ten ladies read through the parts and it was good fun. I wrote this in 1996 and… Read more »

Don’t despair…

WHEN YOU’RE FEELING DOWN – JUST LOOK THROUGH THESE…   1 Ernest Hemmingway wrote The Torrents of Spring to encourage his existing publisher to reject it, he used the opportunity… Read more »

Uplifting thoughts…

AUTHOR “ROCK STARS” Writers of books write for a range of reasons. It might be a lifelong ambition to write a particular book with no particular ambition for it as… Read more »

eBook Piracy

Have just been looking at several pieces on protecting eBooks from the pirates.  Takes me back to Bill Gates ranting at those ripping off his BASIC for the Altair. details… Read more »

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