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Gosh we were young when we met…

As I said above I couldn’t resist gathering together a bit of a review of my life on the site.  Self-indulgent? – certainly!  Interesting?

 you tell me!


What have I learned…

On careful deliberation I guess that to-date two recurring themes have run throughout my life. These two themes are:


Advice for my grandchildren…

Having reached a reasonable age I thought that perhaps I should have learned something along the way.  So I thought I should try to pass on a little of my hard-earned experience

see these here

Knowing my grandchildren they will pretty much dismiss all of this!


My recent project was to completely strip and rebuild a 1961 Triumph T20 Tiger Cub that my son. Matt, kindly bought for me – to keep me out of mischief.

More about this here

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