Advice to grandchildren

As I can no longer consider myself anything other than aged I assume that I must have some words of wisdom to pass on to my grandchildren.

So here are a few of my axioms:

Keep questioning the ‘rules’ – While working in Sweden in the ‘70s my employers had a set of massive tomes, rules for running one of their stores, but each had the same little cartoon on the front, translated it said, ‘If we all live by the rules, who writes the next rule book?’ 
Keep your edge – Throughout my life if I ever felt things weren’t currently stressed enough then I’d (figuratively!) go and hang out over a cliff just to recover some reality, discover the next desire…
Keep challenging yourself – if there is no challenge then go find one – you may ask why keep putting yourself through the wringer?  I guess it’s the triumph of hope over experience.  But then I’m reminded of the John Cleese character in ‘Clockwise’ when told not to despair did say, ‘It’s not despair, I can handle that.  It’s the hope that’s killing me!’
Keep on the move – lack of movement is something I will espouse when I’m dead!  In moving around you can’t help falling over new ideas and new issues – and meeting new people who supply you with both!
diot Keep out of trouble – in other words be aware of what’s going on a round you.  Also, someone said, ‘If you work with or for idiots, then how does anyone know that you’re not one’. That’s occasionally been the reason for my moving on, but it’s more often been restlessness to get on and find the next challenge.

I will revisit this from time to time and see if anything else has occured.

None of these are terribly cerebral or particularly new – and it’s quite a short list – but these principles have served me well.  I know my grandhildren well enough to know they will be unwilling to listen to the old fart anyway!”

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