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Tyndale House, 15 Merton Road, Bedford MK40 3AF

1982 – this was a great house. Victorian had become our favourite period and most of our properties from here on in were from that era.

It was on a corner site, an attractive double-fronted, detached, three-floor, seven-bedded, two-garaged house.  It was the perfect family home and the kids basically did most of their growing up there!

While with Granada’s Business Services Division we were trying to sell small telephone exchanges into homes and to experience this I put one into the house with extensions in every room.  Our daughter’s French boyfriend, eventually to become her husband, learned to say, ‘Putting you through’, from our habit of saying this on the small exchange.

A pretty settled time, we stayed for eleven years.  Jane completed a mature teaching degree at the Bedford College and went on to teach at two of the Harpur Trust schools, while Sarah and Matt attended the other two.

I played a lot of squash and bridge while we were here, and even tried some golf, though couldn’t see why I wanted to spend a half-day at it when squash was all over within just an hour-and-a-half.

My partner had a Spanish villa near Marbella, and regular trips here created our later desire to have our own.

When we did come to sell this property we didn’t get one person interested in it as a family home.  We had viewers wanting to use it as a nursing home and a convent – eventually it was bought by the local health authority as part of its plan to put psychiatric patients back into the community.

Having lived outside London with the usual time-consuming and expensive commutes, once the kids had grown and flown we decided it was now time to move right into the heart of it and bought a house in Fulham.

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