Biddenham, Bedfordshire

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Corner House, 77 Deep Spinney, Biddenham, Beds MK40 4QJ

2001 – we were back in Bedfordshire. I stayed in a small hotel while we looked for somewhere.  Jane was coming up to look at some properties and arrived at the hotel in time to catch the early events of the 9/11 attacks on the lunchtime news.  She called me and a colleague’s parents were in New York on holiday!  We were a mobile and fixed phone distributor, but soon every network was jammed.

2002 – we bought something quite strange for us, a very modern detached home just outside Bedford.  Pictured are the grandchildren in Biddenham.

Jane was trying to find a home where we didn’t have to drive to the local shops but we settled for this one situated between Bedford, Northampton and Milton Keynes with its large shopping centre.

I was promptly unwell resulting in a stent being inserted into my heart, so this was a strange time.  I was treated in Papworth and had a weird experience during the operation.  You are fully aware though your normal critical faculties are suspended by the drugs as you watch the surgeons playing inside your heart.

The surgeon came around the equipment over my chest to ask ‘Have you ever played pontoon?’  I confirmed I had.  He said, ‘I have 18 and want to draw again.’  I replied, ‘Should I tell you how many times I have stuck at 12 or 13 and won?’  He said the angioplasty wasn’t quite the same game and pressed on.  He came back later and said, ‘I’ve got 20.’  I said, ‘Stick!’  He agreed and the op was over!  Unbelievable that you can be so calm that you can have that sort of conversation – but I did!

The telecoms market crashed and burned while my MacExpo activity grew and grew, so I was back working mostly in London.  We moved to Watlington, Oxfordshire.  This had the merit that we would be near at least two of our grandchildren, the other two of course being in France.

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