East Harptree, Somerset

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Sunnyside Cottage, Townsend, East Harptree, N Somerset BS40 6BH

2001 – we bought this lovely property called Sunnyside Cottage – three months later I went back to the estate agent to complain under the Trade Descriptions Act because we had seen no sign of the sun.

We had visions of long walks in the countryside but as we got there a major national foot and mouth epidemic meant all the agricultural land was sealed off from walkers!

We spent some of our time here looking for a property in Spain and finally choosing a holiday home in Pinosol, Javea, perhaps to seek out the sun that way?

I once again found most of my work was back in London and so spent a lot of time on the train from Bath to Paddington.

We lasted only ten months here when a friend from Bedford, whom I had previously assisted with marketing support, asked me to join her as she did a reverse takeover of a fixed line telephone supplier.

We moved back to Bedfordshire, this time just outside the county town in Biddenham.

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