Fulham SW6

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24 Greswell Street, Fulham, London SW6 6PP

1994 – this was a typical Fulham terraced house; in essence no front garden and a relatively small rear one, the only access through the house.  It had an enormously long and attractive kitchen and other good features, which made it very similar in feel to Bedford but half the size.

Almost as soon as we moved in we walked to the bottom of our road to Bishop’s Park to the Thames and looked over the railings to see the Boat Race crews preparing for that day’s race – stunning to see it up close and personal after years of watching the BBC broadcasts – we watched them start and went back home to see the finish on television.

We were just along the road from Craven Cottage. At the time Fulham was not a Premiership team, the small fan base on a Saturday relying on talk of the good old days.  Not sure I would be as keen to live there now they have real crowds.

At one stage my office was just five miles away in Chiswick but one night it took me eighty minutes to drive home!  However for nights out, theatre etc we were inside the city and getting to and from theatres and restaurants was a dream. Jane taught just across the bridge in Putney.

We had a great loft conversion done here. The builder was brilliant, perhaps the most organised we have ever used.  We moved up to the new floor and through our Velux windows could sometimes see a dozen planes lining up to land at Heathrow.  They were too high to hear, except for the daily Concorde flight – as three of our four parents had worked at British Aerospace on that project we felt a special pride at its unique look and sound.

When I left Blenheim we weren’t tired of life, or of London, but with Jane’s father having recently died we felt we should move back to Bristol to be near her mother.  We moved to Redland.

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