Princes Risborough, Bucks

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4 Poppy Road, Princes Risborough, Bucks HP27 9DA

2006 – this small terraced Victorian home is on the edge of the town and a short walk from the station – with its fast services into Marylebone.  It was a seductive investment that kept us a bolt-hole and base in the UK.  If you’ve followed this journey you will already appreciate that we are restless people and are assuming that living primarily in Spain was planned as just a 3 to 5 year escapade!

Sure enough we would sell this small UK property in 2010 and upgrade our UK bolthole to be the Longwick house.


2007 – Ilmer Meadow

While seeking our property in Colomer we rented a lovely bungalow located in a very quiet rural location.

We wanted somewhere where we could put out everything that normally lurked in the loft or the garage so we could decide what would be sent to Spain, what kept in Risboro’ and what sent on to our daughter in Paris as she moved in to a new home.

At Ilmer we catalogued an enormous range of birds and other wildlife, but sadly our six months was during the winter; we would have enjoyed being there in the summer.

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