Redland, Bristol

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11 Cranbrook Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 7BJ

1997 – when we moved back to our home town I kept arriving everywhere too early.  Locals complained about the traffic, and it was not great, but after London I was over-compensating and arriving everywhere too soon.

We had been away for almost thirty years and it was strange moving back to somewhere you know so well yet have not been part of for so long.  We connected back with some of our family again.

I tried desperately to find things to do locally but spent most of my time working back in London – and in Cheshire!

Another loft conversion changed the value and facility of the house, and we enjoyed our re-discovery.

One amusing issue was that we saw in the new Millennium here and I was selling the Millennium Message CD via the Internet.  I had Internet Merchant status with a credit card machine to take on-line payments but this was still in its infancy so I needed to manually enter the numbers from our website into the machine.

I had located this on the floor of our office and there was something vaguely religious (perhaps more sacrilegious) about kneeling in front of it each morning to enter the numbers and get confirmation of payment.

When I took a role as Operations Director at the Royal Bath & West Showground, this encouraged us to downsize into a cottage in East Harptree in North Somerset.  With the spare cash from the sale we were also able to buy a villa at Pinosol in Javea.

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