My parents came from an era when you took a trade and a job for life.  They said that with a trade you could earn a £1,000 a year and be made for life.  Thankfully, I took about as much notice as my childen did of my advice.

In my ‘era’ you told your kids to get a degree. While this would hold them in good stead, it was no more a solution than the guidance that I was given by my parents. Times change and your experience is never as transferable as you believe!

PrestelCutting At job interviews you are often asked, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?’ While I usually had a trite answer for this, I never really had any vision of what I wanted to be, what I wanted to do or where I wanted to be – I’m still looking!But looking back over the years there were very few occasions when I had any concept of what might happen in the next year, certainly no concept beyond that!
IMG_0547 While at school/college I could never have envisaged a Sinclair computer, let alone that I would become its exclusive distributor for the UK, France and Peoples’ Republic of China [cutting from 1984].
 PropBusJaneMe However my dad often said ‘Buy land, they’ve stopped making it!’  When I went into event management it was perhaps no surprise then that my first subject choice was property [with my wife Jane in 1989].
 100E Ori  A well-worn picture of my first car bought at just £35 (sold it for £42!) – significantly less than a tank of petrol today – mention this to a forecourt attendant and their eyes mist over with that ‘old fart’ dismissive look.

My working life can be summed up by the ‘Six Ss’ and one regularly occurring ‘A’ :

SwedaTelegram b

My father being a fireman I rapidly learned what part-time jobs were available in my home town of Bristol. So from the age of 14 I worked weekends and holidays, stacking supermarket shelves, being a…Read more…

Pictured is the telegram I received for my first ever sale for Sweda Cash Registers – my first proper job!


1972 – While at Sweda and Xerox we were taught that we sold ‘systems’ not ‘machines’, and when I joined Hugin it became my role to develop new systems for all sorts of applications – local… Read more…

Pictured is a brochure for the relaunch of Hugin at the BEE show.


1978 – having worked with the early microprocessors and seen the beginnings of the personal computer revolution while working in the States for KeyMed, I set about becoming part of it. I joined… Read more…

Pictured is the launch of Androbot Topo at a West End club.


1978 – we had moved to Carlton in Bedfordshire while I was working with Texas Instruments. In 1979 – I got headhunted to join the Dixons distribution arm, ACE, as Sales Director. We sold the early… Read more…

Pictured is a refit shop during my time with Granada TV Rentals – it had been plannagrammed on an early Apple Mac


1987 – while with Granada at Aylesbury, we worked closely on the provision of satellite services to bookmakers, and it became clear that there was an opportunity here. I set up Vista Satellite to… Read more…

Pictured is the dish installed in Brighton Marina a week before the Great Storm of 1987 – the manager called to say there were a few sparklies, we were expecting it to have become an expensive frisbee


1988 – Richard Hease and I got back together again, three years after the demise of Prism. He convinced me that my sort of anal attention to detail was well suited to running exhibitions. Richard…Read more…

Pictured is LIVE the Consumer Electronics Show at Earls Court.


Agenda Marketing has always been there for me. As a sole trader and later as a limited company it was the vehicle I used for many roles and consultancies:
Answercall answering machines; Pacer cordless…

Read more…

Pictured are my kids, Sarah and Matt, manning registration at a conference we ran as Agenda Marketing

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