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Agenda Marketing has always been there for me.  As a sole trader and later as a limited company it was the vehicle I used for many roles and consultancies:

Answercall answering machines; Pacer cordless phones; Tandata Prestel adaptors

Euroc Control Centres; Epsilon’s Electronic Emporium, Aerofone mobile phone distributor and service provider; Jean Pierre/Philimpex dress rings; Footprints city maps.

Europe seemed to be a theme for a while – with Euromissions, mini exhibitions and conferences around Europe, and EPMS (European Property Multilist Services), a euro property publication.

Activity Breaks Show; European Fitness Convention and Sports Industry Exhibition; Senior Lifestyles; Intelligent Australia – many described this as being something of an oxymoron!

ITIM and Libya Exhibitions – missions and exhibitions; Rapid – publication and conference on automating tool-making and prototyping; Royal Bath & West Show; National Skills Festival – promoting training and apprenticeship.

Once MacExpo was sold and I’d done a stint within Expomedia we decided to sell Watlington, renting for six months at Ilmer and buying both Princes Risborough and our villa in Colomer, Javea.

In 2010 we upgraded Princes Risborough for Longwick.


See what I meant about Potential – and Motion?

I didn’t always manage to catch the big fish, but I kept on putting the bait on that hook, and hanging it over the edge.

Mother Earth might be patient, but I was never ‘accused’ of it!

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