PC Pioneers series

A look at PC and Internet history from the viewpoint of the people who delivered these products and services.


PCs have very effectively changed every part of all of our lives. They have changed the way that we communicate in business and how we keep in touch with family, friends, old colleagues and school friends. PCs have changed the way that we acquire, buy and play music.   They have fundamentally changed the ways in which we capture, manipulate, and distribute our photographs, videos and even catch up with the television shows that we have missed.

Along the way they have altered how we buy books and software, how we swap and sell unwanted and used products, how we review, research and book our travel, accommodation and holidays. They provide the means for us to access news, sports results, weather reports…

PCs also provide us with an instant dictionary, an encyclopaedia, a wealth of trivia facts, a thesaurus, a huge library of eBooks, a translator, a calculator, an address book, an appointments calendar and they can arbitrate by providing answers to our many queries, idle thoughts and family ‘disputes’. As a tool for researching books such as this the PC connected to the World Wide Web proves indispensible.

The automotive industry took three times as long, one hundred and twenty years to achieve 806m vehicles in use around the world versus 1bn PCs in just forty years.

‘If General Motors had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1000 mpg.’ Bill Gates, Microsoft.

PCpioneersFrontCoverKThe PC Pioneers is the full look from the earliest means of reckoning and numbers all the way to smartphones and tablets.  More here…


100 PC Moments is the Lite version where we have concluded on the key 100 moments that drove the development of the PC and the Net – and the 400 pioneers who delivered them.  More here…

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