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Data by TV launched on this day in 1974 – Ceefax #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers It did not take long for computing and television to be espoused.  These two high-value family purchases were initially located remotely; the television was the… Read more »

Sega Master System, launched in 1986 – and Sonic the Hedgehog #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers Just when you might have thought that PCs would take over the games business by exercising one of many software attributes, the console makers upped… Read more »

Steve Jobs left Apple on this day in 1985

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers Steve Jobs, while still with Apple, helped create the Apple University Consortium which offered faculty members, students and their institutions to acquire Apple equipment at… Read more »

Charles Simonyi – born on this day in 1948 #history

Excerpt from the PC Pioneers Charles Simonyi would produce an early WP, Bravo and then moved Microsoft into applications, but what of his origins? Charles Simonyi, was born in Budapest,… Read more »

Twitter anniversary #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers On this day in 2006 Twitter was launched by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone Jack Dorsey was raised in St Louis Missouri and… Read more »

300 years of effort – Microsoft Windows ’95 #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers On this day in 1995 Microsoft Windows 95 had achieved code stability, its ten million lines of code had taken 300 person-years of effort! “Computers… Read more »

Telstar, Happy Birthday #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers On this day in 1962 the Telstar communications satellite was launched Telstar 1 was launched on 10th July 1962, successfully relaying through space many firsts… Read more »

HoTMaiL launch #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers On this day in 1996, Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith launch HoTMaiL Hotmail was launched by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith as HoTMaiL in July… Read more »

Go figure – #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers The use of numbers is said to distinguish mankind from other animals; but natural scientists do suggest that birds can actually discern numbers. Birds recognise… Read more »

See new site…

New writing blog site! – just a short and sweet post today – do take time to look at The site has been completely updated to become the blog… Read more »

Writing advice

These quotes feature in The PC Pioneers but could easily be applied to writing and authors: No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess.Isaac Newton Research is what… Read more »


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