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Viral campaigns #history

There is no clear evidence as to where the Spanish Flu pandemic started but, uncharacteristically for flu, it attacked the young and able. Arguments have been made for a Chinese… Read more »

Golden Girls #history

A man’s world in the 15th and 16th centuries? – that would be to ignore two very remarkable women from that era! Queen Isabella of Castile and Aragon (1451 –… Read more »

Tapas #history

#history – The origin of that distinctive Spanish snack, tapas, is debated in 1492 and all that! ῀ Alfonso X of Spain is one of the many origins claimed for… Read more »

Charles II of Spain – inbreeding victim

Incest is clearly not best!  And this is not just because George S Kaufman said, ‘The trouble with incest is that it gets you involved with relatives.’  Intriguingly Charles Darwin… Read more »

Ustinov on Franco…

An Evening with Peter Ustinov, years back I went to a theatre to listen to this unbelievably talented and interesting man. He told the story of General Francisco Franco being… Read more »

How the Kindle ‘charts’ work…

Came across a site that had done a great deal of research and established the following data for fiction titles sold on Kindle in the USA. Note – this doesn’t… Read more »

Gifts for Christmas? Pack #2

Still pondering that last gift for someone for Christmas, and prefer non-fiction? If you know someone wanting to become the next hi-tech billionaire then here’s some essential reading: The PC… Read more »

Cleopatra and poor journalism #history

Liz Taylor as Cleopatra VII One week in to my History degree – only 155 to go. Cleopatra has been the top theme of the week – looking at her… Read more »

Time Out! #writing

It may come as some relief to many – but my daily posts will be taking a break! – just starting a three-year degree course in History and need to… Read more »

Significance of Genres #writing

One of my early surprises as a writer was when publishers and agents require you to squeeze your work into a genre. I took this the wrong way, hadn’t I… Read more »

Data by TV launched on this day in 1974 – Ceefax #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers It did not take long for computing and television to be espoused.  These two high-value family purchases were initially located remotely; the television was the… Read more »

The remarkable queen of the Basques – Jeanne of Navarre #history

Extract from 1492 and all that! Henry II of Navarre married very well, to Marguerite of Angoulême the sister of King Francis I of France. Their daughter Jeanne d’Albret was… Read more »


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