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The Great Lisbon Earthquake #history

Excerpt from 1492 and all that! On All Saints’ Day, 1 November 1755, Portugal and specifically Lisbon was hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of over 8.5. It happened… Read more »

The creator of the original package tour holidays! #history #Spain

Extract from 1492 and all that! Vladimir Gavrilovich Raitz was born in Moscow, the child of a Jewish medical family. His mother took him to Germany to join her parents… Read more »

From ninth child of a carter to Regent of Spain #history

Extract from 1492 and all that! Baldomero Espartero was born in 1793 in Ciudad Real, Spain, he was the ninth child of a carter. His parents wanted him to go… Read more »

1492 and all that! – half price offer #history

My latest thriller Route of Evil is now available for sampling and pre-ordering via Smashwords And to celebrate this I have reduced the price of my best-selling history book –… Read more »

Two great promo eBook offers for you! #thriller #history

I am seeking to use new promotional ideas in preparation for the launch of my new thriller –  Route of Evil – so here goes! The new book is being… Read more »

Beating Columbus to America by twenty years? #history

Excerpt from 1492 and all that! João Vaz Corte-Real sailed to the north in 1473 with a joint Portuguese-Danish expedition, manned by a German crew, and where they discovered what… Read more »

4077th MASH in Korea #history

4077th MASH in Korea – conceived during the Spanish Civil War? Excerpt from ‘1492 and all that!’ Henry Norman Bethune had been training to become a doctor but in 1914… Read more »

Rioja wines #history

Excerpts from 1492 and all that! The practice of winemaking in La Rioja dates back to the Phoenician introduction of viticulture to the Iberian Peninsula. The region is served by… Read more »

Second edition – 1492 and all that! #history

Have just republished a second edition of 1492 and all that! correcting a few things and adding new stuff like the abdication of King Juan Carlos’s and the Spanish football… Read more »

Iberian culture #history

Excerpts from 1492 and all that! Spanish Flamenco This stunning folk art from the Iberian Peninsula originated from the styles of dancing made popular by Andalusians and Romanies. It was… Read more »

Mithra and sacred bulls #history

Excerpts from 1492 and all that! The followers of the Persian God, Mithra (the Greeks and the Romans added an ‘s’ to make it Mithras) worshipped him as they worked… Read more »

Here be dragons – and gorillas? #history

Excerpts from 1492 and all that! Henry the Navigator of Portugal trained and despatched explorers to many parts of the world. But going south down the African coast had an… Read more »


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