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Missed opportunity #history

Extract from The PC Pioneers Steve Jobs decided they should form a company to sell the computer [Apple 1] that Steve Wozniak had designed. He came up with the name… Read more »

Apple Computer founded #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers On April Fools’ Day in 1976 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded the Apple Computer Company. Wozniak set about designing the first Apple around the… Read more »

Microsoft IPO… #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers On this day in 1986, Microsft had its IPO – initial public offering Microsoft Windows 1.0 was finally launched at COMDEX in November 1985, and… Read more »

Steve Wozniak – early days to Cream Soda Computer #history

Excerpt from The PC Pioneers On this day in 1950, Steve Wozniak was born. With an IQ of 200, Wozniak was inspired and well-versed in electronics at an early age… Read more »

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