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Creating Bollywood magic #thriller

Extract from the forthcoming Route of Evil – being released 15th September It felt very odd, to hear the noise of the troupe’s feet pounding on the floor, the audible gasps… Read more »

Monaco, tunnel vision of death #thriller

Excerpt from the forthcoming ‘Route of Evil’ thriller – to be released 15th September Now Jack van Buuren was back among the glitz and glamour, the constellation of celebs, the… Read more »

Route of Evil – coming next month! #thriller

Route of Evil – is to be released on 15th September Pursued by organ traders in Thailand, a Vietnamese girl is rescued by an American stranger who, seeing an opportunity… Read more »

Hunting endangered rhino #thriller

Excerpt from my new thriller – launching 15 September 2014 – Route of Evil Author’s note – I stress that I do not in any way condone hunting this beautiful… Read more »

Is revenge sweet? #thriller

Discussing themes from the new Bob Denton thriller Route of Evil – to be released in September 2014 My upcoming thriller follows a $100 bill as it circumnavigates the globe… Read more »

Benjamins #thriller

Facts about the $100 bill: In 1969 Richard Nixon withdrew from circulation the higher-value notes – $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 – to combat organised crime. This left the $100… Read more »

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