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How the Kindle ‘charts’ work…

Came across a site that had done a great deal of research and established the following data for fiction titles sold on Kindle in the USA. Note – this doesn’t… Read more »

Books at home

I was not born in to a house of bibliophiles. Throughout my childhood there were the same small selection of books, latterly housed in a bookcase I had made at… Read more »

Sobering thoughts… #ebook

Important to know if you want to get your new book noticed! ῀ First the good news – the global publishing, media and entertainment industries in total are worth some… Read more »

eBook Piracy

Have just been looking at several pieces on protecting eBooks from the pirates.  Takes me back to Bill Gates ranting at those ripping off his BASIC for the Altair. details… Read more »

Demotivating thoughts…

I was just looking at some stats to see something of the challenge when seeking to succeed in writing. The British Library is termed a ‘legal deposit library’. Under the… Read more »

‘Route of Evil’ is born

My latest thriller has changed its name to ‘Route of Evil’ – we follow the route of a marked $100 bill as it crisscrosses with a number of characters seeking… Read more »

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